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Top Reasons Why You Should Use A Letting Agent

So you’ve got a property or properties to let out?

Why should you use a letting agent like Delaney Estates instead of going it alone?

Of course, the obvious reason being that we take the tedious work off your hands. We can manage your tenants, the administration side and the maintenance of the property, which frees up your time to focus on more important things. If that isn’t enough to convince you, then here are some more compelling reasons.

  • Delaney Estates have access to a team of specialist tradesmen that we use on a regular basis, and because we supply them with a steady stream of work, we can negotiate the best rates with them, on your behalf.
  • Picture the scenario. You’re away on holidays and you get a phone call from an agitated tenant whose washing machine is broken. You can’t source a plumber for them and you return to a very annoyed tenant. With Delaney Estates managed services the tenant calls us and we have a team of specialists on hand to deal with the situation, and you can relax and enjoy your holiday.
  • Delaney Estates protect your asset by vetting & choosing quality tenants. For tenants, the benefit is that a letting agent can help find the right property for you.  Instead of going through internet listings, an experienced letting agent like us can pick out the perfect property to suit your needs.
  • The rental market in Ireland is particularly strong at the moment, but that doesn’t automatically mean that it’s easy to find the right tenant.  The Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) handles a huge amount of calls every year. Many of these calls are from tenants and landlords making complaints, but a percentage of them are over disputes between landlords and tenants. This is obviously a situation that everyone would like to avoid and having a professional letting agent should serve to eliminate this type of situation as we deal with all the legalities, leases, bank standing order, Inventory & RTB.

  • Having Delaney Estates as a letting agent means you’re less likely to have a vacant period between tenancies as we have strong marketing avenues such as My Home and DAFT to promote your property.
  • We know what tenants want, and can advise you how to make your property as appealing as possible whilst taking into account property prices and returns on investment.
  • In a nutshell Delaney Estates make your life more simple

So there you have it, if you want to avoid the hassle, then a letting agent like us is the answer.

If you are looking for a great tenant, or a great property why not contact the team at Delaney Estates today.

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Delaney Estates – February 2024

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